Speed and Red Light Cameras

On Wednesday, March 30th, Mayor Catherine E. Pugh briefed the media on her FY18 budget, including a discussion about the City's speed and red light camera program. Below are some points of clarification about the revamped speed and red light camera program.
• No cameras operating since April 2013
• Three types of cameras: 1) Red light, 2) Speed and 3) Commercial truck enforcement cameras (to catch prohibited commercial vehicles when they travel on automobile-only restricted roads)
• Initial order: 10 fixed speed cameras, 10 portable speed cameras, 10 red light cameras, and up to 6 commercial truck enforcement cameras
• Vendor selection process currently underway. Decision is between 6 applicants.
• Projected timetable for contracts to appear on the Board of Estimates agenda: April/May 2017
• RFP was reviewed by the Inspector General, Law Department, and former Councilman James Kraft’s committee, among others
• Camera program to be rolled out no earlier than June, then must wait for one-time 30-day warning period (warnings will be issued instead of actual citations) before citations will be sent to drivers
• Annual state reporting requirement on how camera revenue is spent
• New contract calls for City to pay monthly fee for cameras, instead of buying them (per camera, per month to include processing and mailing citation)
• Vendors will not receive a portion of each ticket, as before; flat fee per camera, per month – removes incentive to send inaccurate citations
• Not only will vendor review citations, but DOT staff and BPD staff will review each ticket as well
• DOT has added new quality control staff for this program, including an ombudsman position to which appeals may be made instead of going to court as a last resort
• City will receive liquidated damages for inaccurate citations, from reduction of the monthly fees up to and including termination of the contract
• Each camera location will be vetted separately to assess impact on speed near schools, impact on number of accidents, etc.
• All camera locations will be published, along with additional auto and pedestrian safety information, on website which will be launched along with the beginning of the program


Department of Transportation Launches New Website For Impounded Vehicles

Citizens will now be able to easily check impound fees online in real time The Baltimore City Department of Transportation today announced the launch of a new website that will enable citizens to quickly access information about impounded vehicles. The agency has just launched an updated site called Find My Tow. This website will enable users to check if their car has been towed to a Baltimore City impound facility by entering specific vehicle information. Once the vehicle’s license number and state of registration are entered, within a few clicks owners can quickly learn if their vehicle has been impounded by the city, along with the associated fees. This program offers new and enhanced features, including a real-time fee calculator which makes it much easier and faster for owners to retrieve their vehicles. The city’s new Find My Tow website is baldot.findmytow.com. A link to the program is also available on the Department of Transportation’s website at http://transportation.baltimorecity.gov. The City of Baltimore has two impound facilities for vehicles that are abandoned, illegally parked or involved in accidents. The main Pulaski Highway Impound and Storage Facility is located at 6700 Pulaski Highway. A secondary facility is located at 410 Fallsway.


Feb.6, 2017

Mary Pat sponsors new $15/hr minimum wage bill. The bill would increase the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022, while allowing businesses with fewer than 50 employees to do so by 2026. The bill would also allow employers to pay those younger than 21 and working entry level jobs at the state's minimum wage amount, and allow some businesses more time to comply.

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Dear Neighbors,

Looks as if a cold snap is heading our way. If so, please AVOID FROZEN PIPES by going to the lowest faucet in the house (usually in the cellar) and running a constant trickle of water until the cold snap passes. It should keep the pipes from freezing. In case of power OUTAGES or other BGE emergences, please call 1-877-778-2222 or visit www.BGE.com. The more calls received from a neighborhood, the better BGE can pinpoint the problem. As many affected neighbors as possible should call. Please also call our 14th district city hall office at 410-396-4814 to let us know of the problems reported so we can follow-up on your behalf. Even if after hours or on weekends, we will access these office calls remotely. Finally, please call or email me: 443-676-6187 cell and marypat.clarke@baltimorecity.gov. Be safe.

Stay warm. Check-in on elderly and frail neighbors. Thanks, Mary Pat



MTA Update & Local Hearing

Stay in the Loop! Come to our community's official Public Hearing regarding the changes to the MTA that will be taking effect in 2017. There are scheduled hearings all over MD throughout January, click here for the full schedule. The one in our district will be at the Waverly Library on Wednesday, January 18th from 5-7pm.

CLICK HERE to explore an interactive map of the changes.

CLICK HERE for a list of stops that will be eliminated in Feb. 2017 due to reported underuse.


bucket of oyster shells labelled for recycling

Oyster shell recycling program off to a good start! Click here to read more about Sisson Street's new oyster recycling center.

Read more about the Oyster Recovery Partnership HERE.



Baltimore City Water Bill Update & Resources


Starting in October of 2016, the Department of Public Works switched to monthly billing and started using a new water billing system which includes a new water bill layout and other rate structure changes. These improvements include a new online customer portal. This password-protected website allows customers to see their hourly water usage and other account information.

Online Water Bill Calculator - To view how water rate and rate structure changes might impact your bill, please visit the water bill calculator on the DPW website:

Contacting the DPW Customer Support and Services Division:

For water billing inquiries, customers may contact the Customer Support and Services Division: 

Online Inquiry Form: http://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/Water-Billing-Questions

Email: dpw.billing@baltimorecity.gov

Phone: (410) 396-5398 or 311


For information about water bill assistance programs and to access or submit an application electronically:

DPW website: http://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/water-bill-payment-assistance

Email: dpw.billing@baltimorecity.gov

Phone: (410) 396-5398 or 311


The Homepage of their Updated Website: http://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/waterbilling


Public Works announces new LEAK ADJUSTMENT POLICY:

Please save and use this information if experiencing water billing spikes.




IMPORTANT Information for Homeowners whose City Tax Liens were Purchased at the Annual Tax Sale.

If you or someone you know had a tax bill, water bill, or other City citation that resulted in their tax lien being sold at the City’s May 16 tax sale, CLICK HERE for important information on how to proceed.



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